Lucullo Terrace

Capri Hotel Caesar Augustus Restaurant Unforgettable eating experiences at the new poolside restaurant

Dinner with infinity. A spectacular infinity pool, a table for two with view of the sea, the Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius. Welcome to Lucullo Terrace.
During the day, the atmosphere is casual and relaxed, the ideal choice if you fancy a light lunch or a tasty snack, but just can't bear the thought of having to leave the pool!
In the evening, the terrace transforms into one of Capri's most elegant restaurant, where you can expect to savor only the finest of exquisitely presented Mediterranean cuisine.

Want to make your evening at Lucullo Terrace even more special? Reserve one of the restaurant's exclusive terraces for two and enjoy a romantic sunset aperitif or an intimate candlelit dinner, all by yourselves!

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Terrace & Lounge Bar
The only bar in the world to have such a large terrace...