Maison de beauté Orlane

Hotel Caesar Augustus Wellness To be sure to offer our guests the best and most exclusive wellness experiences possible, we have enlisted the services of Maison de beauté Orlane Paris, specialized in the creation of unique, luxurious and highly effective anti-aging cosmetics.

Maison de beauté Orlane creates legendary skincare. Precious products with extraordinary textures that benefit from the latest and the most innovative discoveries in the field of anti-aging cosmetics. Orlane has developed a real skincare philosophy based on the concept of skin reeducation. Combined with the Spa's unique know-how, it expresses the quintessence of expertise devoted entirely to beauty. Synonymous with excellence for the most discerning of women, Orlane is a secret shared by "those in the know", a vision of beauty that defies time.

Combining exclusive treatment procedures and its latest anti-aging innovations, Orlane's treatments offer the very essence of its know-how. Each moment at the Spa Caesar Augustus by Orlane is an indulgence of well being and perfection marked by special care and expertise.

Facial treatments - Body treatments