The blue island

Capri Capri is an Italian island off the Sorrentine Peninsula, on the south side of the Gulf of Naples, that has been a celebrated "beauty spot" and resort since the time of the Roman Republic.

A mountainous island, Capri is comprised of two peaks which rise steeply from the sea joined by a green valley. The high plane of Anacapri culminates in the slopes of Monte Solaro, towering 589 meters above sea level, and the eastern peak of Monte Tiberio at the feet of which one finds the bays of Marina Grande and Marina Piccola.
Its splendid rocky coast line hides an impressive number of caves, whilst inland, amidst orchards, citrus groves and vineyards, the Mediterranean vegetation triumphs.

Capri enjoys a typically Mediterranean climate: spring and autumn offer the mildest weather and without doubt are the best seasons in which to visit the island. The fame of Capri is linked to the Roman Emperors who built elegant palaces here, to the intellectuals who, during the 19th century, dedicated many pages to the island, and last but not least, to the countless members of the international Jet Set who have resided here in recent years.

The blue sea, the rocky coastline characterized by caves and edged by incredible rock formations, the orchards full of citrus fruits and the terraced vineyards clinging to the hillside, the elegant villas and tiny cottages scattered amidst the green Mediterranean foliage not to mention the roman ruins which testify to the ostentatious wealth of the Emperors of the past all create a panorama of incomparable beauty. Nature and history, international celebrities and members of the intellectual elite, all these are components which make Capri one of the most sought after destinations of the International tourist market and create a truly unique atmosphere, an atmosphere which withstands the changes of time - because the Isola Azzurra is not about fashion but rather about a way of life.

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