Caesar Augustus

Tri Star Passport (10/01/2007)

The Caesar Augustus is a 5 star boutique hotel perched on a sheer cliff 1,000 feet above the Bay of Naples. The magnificent gardens and infinity pool are like a mirage floating in the azure blue sky. The hotel has 59 luxurious rooms that have been favored since the Thirties by royalty and celebrities who treasure their privacy. A lavish suite is named for King Farouk of Egypt who booked the hotel as a yearround romantic getaway. Clark Gable and Sophia Loren stayed here in the Fifties when they were filming "The Bay of Capri." Paolo Signorini is the third generation of his family to operate the hotel. He's a romantic and charming host. He sniffs the scent of a fine red wine, gazes out to the sea and reflects, "Capri is like a dry sponge that absorbs the feelings and inner emotions of people." But you can't absorb it all in one visit. My wife and I leave paradise with the determination to return soon with a much larger sponge.