The best family islands

Islands (01/11/2009)

with the biggest water slide and just take the kids there. Harder but worth it is finding the place where the entire family can bond while spying giant sea turtles, searching for hidden beaches and sharing more island experiences. Easy accessibility, fun amenities and big accommodations are important too for any family getaway, and ISLANDS’ experts considered those factors as well. Whether for a young family’s first island trip or an extended family’s best reunion ever, these 14 destinations can spark lifetime memories and a lifelong love of travel.


Capri, Italy

If your kids think that history is boring, give them a more interesting lesson in the infinity pool at the Hotel Caesar Augustus on the island of Capri, Italy Perched on the edge of a 1.000 foot cliff, it has a magnificent view of the Mediterranean a jaw dropping panorama across the sparkling Bay of Naples. Capri was where the ancient Romans chose to spend then vacations, and on a clear day you can see Vesuvius, the volcano that buried Pompeii in A.D 79 At the hotel, a statue of Augustus himself recalls the first emperor who he took the island as his private preserve. In ancient times, these giddy heights. which could only be reached by a thousand step stone stairway called the Scala Fenicia, were dotted with luxury villas, whose excessive grandeur the 55 room Hotel Caesar Augustus casually echoes tnday. Sit down so an alfresco banquet at she Lucullo Terrace restaurant, and the kids (the hotel welcomes ages 10 and up) night even declare that history is pretty cool after all. Rates from $600. www.caesar