Hilltop hideout in Capri

Angeleno (02/12/2006)

Timing can be everything when discovering (and escaping) a secluded island getaway. Russian prince Emmanuel Bullack left is motherland just ahead of the revolution (fortune intact) for the villathat would later become the Hotel Caesar Augustus in Capri. He lived in luxurious exile here for a while before perfectly timing his 1930s-era departure for England just ahead of Mussolini. Today, the calm and the tranquil charms of this 56-room hotel are still fit for a prince, especially when the hordes of day-tripping tourists landing at the port of Capri can seem as threatering as Bullack's Bolsheviks. Meticolously renovated last year, the hotel sits 1,000 feet above sea level in the hilltop village of Anacapri, far from the action in the port below.